The Conductor as Leader
Master Class Series

The Master Class is the ideal environment for exploration and growth, whether as a teacher, performer, conductor, or administrator.

Each Master Class can be tailored to suit your time frame and your budget. In developing your Master Class, we will talk about your particular needs, goals, or concerns so that we can be sure to make an impact that benefits you and
your organization.

~ Master Class for Vocalists: “Text and Nuance" ~
Much of our time in the vocal studio is devoted to learning technique and to getting the music “correct." But the power of music and the ability to make an impact in performance is dependent on the singer’s understanding of interpretation—how to use text and nuanced phrasing to get to the essence of the piece and perform it in an authentic way.

In this Master Class, volunteer vocalists will have the opportunity to refine their performance and deepen their personal musical experience by developing their understanding and skill of interpretation while retaining solid technique. Effective for classical, musical theatre, or pop styles; may be adapted to fit any age or experience level.

~ Master Class for Conductors: “Gesture as Metaphor" ~
Conductors are trained to be effective and efficient in their manual technique but for many, technique has either atrophied due to years of inattention or sitting behind a piano, or the technique was never really awakened in the first place. In this Master Class, we will learn how gesture acts as a metaphor for musical expression, experience how the slightest change in conducting can alter the sound of the ensemble, and explore tools to involve musicians in gestural activities as a way of
developing their skill and understanding. A hands-­‐on session using selected conductors and all participants as the ensemble.

~ Master Class for Chamber Ensembles: “Collaboration as Shared Artistry" ~
The challenge and great joy in chamber music is sharing the decision making process as artists. From the organizational decisions to the rehearsal and performance of repertoire, chamber musicians need to learn how to lead and to follow, to think together as they explore the music and layer each level of artistry and understanding toward the ultimate performance.

In this Master Class, chamber ensembles will experiment with methods of collaboration as they rehearse. A question-­‐and-­‐answer session will be included to address the more administrative aspects involved in chamber ensembles. May be adapted to suit large concert ensembles; may be used in choral or instrumental settings.

~ Master Class for Teachers: “Teach Better, Lead Better" ~
Teaching better is not complicated but it does demand regular personal reflection and exploration. Consistently great teachers are people-­‐centered leaders who know that successful, rewarding teaching and learning experiences are the result of fundamental principles, decisions, and actions that they commit to using whether in the 4th grade classroom or collegiate ensemble. In this Master Class, teachers will learn ten key ideas that can refresh their teaching, their relationship with students, and their personal commitment.

~ Master Class for Administrators: “Bringing Out the Best in your Music Teacher" ~
Music educators have the potential to be the most inspiring and effective teachers on your staff, and the teachers with the most significant impact on the community.
But knowing how to bring out their best requires understanding who they are (performers turned educators) and how they structure learning experiences that are both parallel and counter to more “traditional" teaching environments. In this Master Class, administrators will take a look inside the development of the music educator, experience a sample learning lesson, and engage in a question-­‐and-­‐answer and strategizing session designed to help elevate the musical experience in their schools.